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Shelby Township, MI

Digital X-Rays/Imaging

We use digital x-ray technology to quickly and efficiently obtain images and expedite the diagnostic process. These images are available immediately and offer extremely clear image quality, ensuring an accurate diagnosis. Due the extreme accuracy of these images, it will reduce the amount of x-rays taken during your visit and enable us to share these images with your dentist immediately. These images offer 90% less radiation exposure, making digital radiography a clear choice when considering your dental health. We use a comfortable sensor pad in place of conventional film, eliminating the discomfort associated with traditional x-rays.


Apex Locater

The specialty device helps to precisely measure the length of the roots, decreasing the amount of time we need to spend within the tooth. Due to the high degree of accuracy this piece of equipment offers, it reduces the amount of x-rays needed during the course of treatment.



These pieces of equipment function as a drill alternative, offering a quieter, less invasive method of working within the canal spaces inside your tooth. This technology enables our doctors to navigate through the canals in a less intrusive, more conservative manner, making your experience quieter and more pleasant.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

This new technology offers a highly accurate and precise 3-dimensional image of your teeth, in addition to the surrounding bone, sinuses and related anatomy. The quality of these images supercede regular dental x-rays and enable our doctors to visualize microscopic anomalies within the structure and anatomy of your teeth.


Paperless Office

At Orchard Endodontics, we are an environmentally friendly, digital office.  Our practice software, The Digital Office (TDO), is uniquely specialized for endodontics.  It allows our referring dentists to follow each step of their patients' endodontic treatment for a seamless line of communication.  This safe, secure, HIPAA compliant software allows our patients to register and update their information remotely at their convenience.